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At PROMEDMA, our therapists are selected based on their education, experience, drive, personal goals as a RMT and LAc, dedication to educating their clients about health and must meet the high standards Promedma expects from its therapists.

All our therapist are qualified and registered with 2200 hours of recognized education and have additional certifications in Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Trigger Point Release Therapy, Pregnancy Massage Therapy, PNF, TMJ, Manual Lymph Drainage, cupping and RAPID NFR .

All of PROMEDMA's Therapists are
registered and qualified by all insurance companies.


We have set a new level in the health care industry. We demonstrate this by our professional character, advanced training and drive to educate the public on what Medical Massage Therapy is and Acupuncture is.


Jodie Langstaff, RMT

Director of PROMEDMA Inc. March 2003

Jodie graduated in 2003, received first standing in Sports Massage Therapy Certification and is certified in TMJ Masteries.  She has been treating clients full time for the past 16 years and has helped free hundreds of people from muscular pains and debilitating medical conditions. Jodie specialized training in Trigger Point Release Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy provides her with the ability to treat conditions consisting of but not limited to low back pain, Sciatica, Planter Fasciitits, chronic headaches and migraines, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, MVA's (motor vehicle accidents) and much more.  She always strives to see positive results and substantial improvements in the quality of life of all her patients and her team. 

Rapid NFR specialist, upper body, lower body and core - May 2019


Bryce Erhardt, RMT

Joined PROMEDMA Oct 2015

Bryce graduated in 2015 top of her class with a highly respected 2200 hour certification in Massage Therapy. Her focus and determination to help others in pain brought her to PROMEDMA and we are very impressed with the results she has achieved with the multiple challenging musculoskeletal conditions she has been presented with. Bryce's quiet demeanor allows her to stay focused during TMJ, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy treatments. Her strong hands and love of research make her a great fit with the PROMEDMA team. 


Trish Taylor, RMT

Joined PROMEDMA Feb 2011

Trish graduated in 2004 with a highly respected 2200 hours and made the Deans list.  She gained 15 years of experience in treating medical muscular conditions at the Edmonton General Hospital Rehab Clinic. This experience has allowed her to perfect her skills in treating and even eliminating painful conditions such as migraines, headaches, low back pain, Fibromyalgia, stroke symptoms, Parkinson`s, MS, Diabetes, Arthritis, Rotator Cuff injuries, pre and post surgery pain and much more. Trish is specialized in Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Trigger Point Release Therapy and has her 2nd level of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release certification. Other certifications that Trish has are: Best Practices for the Management of Low Back Pain 2008, Evidence Informed Massage Therapy for Neck Pain 2008, Best Practices for the Management of Non-Specific Shoulder Pain and Lateral Epicondylitis 2006 and Schweitzers Deep Tissue 2005. Her skills and knowledge in the medical massage therapy are well above industry standard which makes her a perfect fit to the ProMedMa Team.

Rapid Specialist, upper body, lower body and core - May 2019


Meahgan Whalen, RMT

Joined PROMEDMA Oct 2014

Meahgan graduated with 2200 hours of massage therapy training in 2009. Prior to joining PROMEDMA, Meahgan worked at a physical therapy clinic in Fort McMurray and while there, she gained a great deal of experience and confidence in scar tissue treatments and Lymphatic Drainage. Meahgan has helped many women with their recovery from breast augmentations, augmentation mammoplasty, mastectomy breast reconstruction and edema (swelling of the tissue). She also has the amazing ability to help women through painful pregnancies. 


Laura Fuchs, RMT

Joined PROMEDMA Jan 2012 

Laura graduated with 2200 hours certification in Massage Therapy in 2004.  Her love for the medical aspect of massage therapy motivated her to become certified in Gary Schweitzer's advanced deep tissue massage as well as additional training in cervical (neck) and shoulder nerve mobilization.  Laura gained a great deal of knowledge and experience while working within the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center in Edmonton and the Edmonton Hospital. Being surrounded by people with conditions like planter fasciitis, diabetic circulatory issues, ankle displacements and much more encouraged and inspired Laura to understand the importance of all body mechanics which she applies to her clients individual treatment plans. Laura's extensive experience in Medical Deep Tissue Massage Therapy and Trigger Point Release Therapy makes her a perfect fit to the PROMEDMA Team.


Rowana Quirante, RMT

Joined PROMEDMA April 2019


Mariana Puia, RMT

Joined PROMEDMA Sept 2019


Priscilla Tao, LAcu

Joined PROMEDMA May 2019


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