Open Monday to Saturday

9am to 8pm

RMT hours are as follows:

JODIE LANGSTAFF RMT (A female massage therapist) - Monday to Thursday ► 4:30pm to 8pm, Saturday ► 9am to 2pm

BRYCE ERHARDT RMT (A female massage therapist) - Monday, Thursday & Friday ► 9am to 3pm, Tuesday & Wednesday ► 12:45pm to 8pm

TRISH TAYLOR RMT - Tuesday to Friday ► 9am to 3pm

LAURA FUCHS RMT - Monday ► 5:45pm to 8pm

MEAHGAN WHALEN RMT - Monday to Wednesday  ► 9am to 5:30pm, Thursday & Friday ► 9am to 3pm, Saturday ► 9am to 2pm

ROWANA QUIRANTE RMT (A female massage therapist) - Wednesday ► 2pm to 8pm, Saturday ► 9am to 3pm

MARIANA PUIA RMT - Monday, Tuesday & Thursday ► 10:15am to 5:30pm.


Fees for ALL treatment types including deep tissue, trigger point therapy, cupping, lymphatic and Rapid


Acupuncture Hours and fees

PRISCILLA TAO LAc - Wednesday ► 2pm to 8pm, Thursday ► 3:15pm to 8pm, Friday ► 9am to 2pm, Saturday ► 9am to 3pm



Student Medical Massage Clinics


Thank you for the kind gesture but tips are not accepted at PROMEDMA because we are a Medical Massage Therapy clinic. Please put your money towards your next treatment for your better health.

PROMEDMA is a medically based massage therapy clinic therefore our massage therapists do not offer relaxation, full body massage, couples massage, 45min, 90min or 2hr massages. If you book two time slots back to back on the same day the later one will be rejected, if you ask for a relaxation/full body massage, I'm sorry, but you will be disappointed.

PROMEDMA's RMT's are trained to treat and help resolve and/or prevent muscular problems, injuries and diseases. We are here to help your body function the way it was meant to.

Please understand your massage therapist does not get paid if you do not show up for your appointment. PROMEDMA's therapists are self-employed and patients not showing up for their appointments financially hurts the RMT's. Please call us if you're not able to make your appointment so that we can fill it with someone else in need of pain relief.

The appointment time you select is the time that your treatment starts therefore please arrive 15min prior.


#102, 9807-34 ave Edmonton AB T6E 5X9

Telephone 780-468-6878