Dynamic Silicone Cupping

At Promedma,  there is NO additional charge for cupping integrated into your medical massage treatment

Cupping therapy is a traditional therapeutic method with a history of over two thousand and three hundred year in China. Its has evolved from the traditional glass/fire cupping to silicone cupping. Both provide a negative pressure with suction within the jar but we feel silicone cupping is safer because there is no fire or glass involved.
The advantages of silicone cupping
- shape of the silicone jars can be changed so the  jar can be applied on the body in a wider range and places that are uneven like       joints
- the surrounding muscles can still be worked while the cups remain in place
- active and passive range of joints can be incorporated into the treatment.
- is a food grade silicone and easier to clean the traditional glass cups
Conditions improved with cupping
- Headaches
- Stiff neck
- Periarthritis of the shoulder
- Costal Chondritis
- Cervical spondylopathy
- Piriformis syndrome
- Arthritis
- Sciatica
- TMJ Disfunction
- Scar tissue
- Restricted joints
- Myofascial adhesions 
Contraindications of cupping
- Any Hemorrhagic diseases such as allergic purpura, thrombocytopenic purpura, leukemia, hemophila, fragile vessels
- Dermatosis, destruction of skin, or allergic dermatitis
- Area of hernia's
- Past or present varicose veins
- Cardiac failure
- Renal failure
- Ascotes due to Hepato-cirrhosis
- Severe edema
- Any blood thinning medications such as warfarin and aspirin.

RMT's certified in Cupping are Bryce, Meahgan and Jodie




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